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Diving Medical Specialists

As more and more people get into diving , there will inevitably be more diving ‘accidents’. Divers not only will be facing the dangers of the accident, but will be facing a medical system that in most cases will be inadequate to care for the problems they face. Most doctors know little or nothing about […]

Surgical Considerations Related to Diving

General Guidelines Consider the illness or condition being operated upon and any relationship to the diving environment Consider the physical limitations imposed as a result of the operation Short term:Rate of wound healing of the specific body systemComplications (infection, wound disruption, temporary loss of function) Long term:Disability from any source reducing the diver’s functional ability. […]

Diving Exclusions and Qualifications

Sports Scuba Divers Medical History and Physical Examination The examination of prospective divers, sports scuba divers, underwater photographers and diving instructors should include the pertinent aspects of present and past history, review of systems and physical examination directed and designed to specifically detect those conditions that place a person in jeopardy for the following: 1). […]

Travel Exercises

The exercises described below can be done in a hotel room, on a boat or just about anywhere using only a few readily accessible items as aids. The purpose of the workout is to help the diver in maintaining a healthy overall body conditioning and can be used in situations where running, swimming or bike […]

Physical Fitness for Sports Divers

INTRODUCTION The underwater environment causes a diver to be at a tremendous disadvantage due to: –the difficulty in propulsion through the surrounding water;–through rapid heat loss to water generally colder than body temperature;–breathing gas of compressed density;–the diver uses an altered cardiorespiratory system from a changed environment;–in order to prevent damage to air-containing spaces in […]
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