Travel Exercises

The exercises described below can be done in a hotel room, on a boat or just about anywhere using only a few readily accessible items as aids. The purpose of the workout is to help the diver in maintaining a healthy overall body conditioning and can be used in situations where running, swimming or bike riding are not readily available. It will help develop body tone, limited strength, and an increase in heart rate leading to a brief cardiovascular workout. The four parts to the workout include warm up, stretching, strength and cool down.

Warm Up–3 to 5 minutes
The purpose of the warm up is to increase blood flow to all parts of the body. Any activity that involves movement for the majority of the body, such as running in place, inverted bicycle or jumping jacks will do. Start slowly increasing to a moderate rate.

Stretch–5 minutes
Shoulder, arm and side

Elbow behind head. Slowly bend as you pull, alternating the procedure to work the opposite arm.

Low back

Pull knees to chest–roll onto back


From seated position, place right foot outside of left knee. Extend left arm outside of right knee, turn and look behind you. Reverse procedure to work opposite side.

Hamstring, Low back and Hips

Sit with legs spread in front, pull right leg into crotch. Bend and reach first to the left knee, then to right keeping head upright. Alternate procedure.

Inner thigh

Pull soles of feet together and towards the crotch, keeping hands clasped on the feet, feeling a pull in the groin area, then bend forward slowly, keeping head straight.


Stand on one foot and pull othe foot to the back of that leg. Slowly lean forward, alternate procedure.

Strength –15 minutes
The exercises in this section will tone, strengthen and increase the muscle endurance. There will be an increase of your heart rate and blood flow. Take about 20-30 seconds of rest between each exercise. Adjust according to your fitness level.

Push-ups (Beginners)

If unable to push body weight in this fashion, leave knees in contact with the floor throughout the exercise. Do 10- 35.

Push-ups (Advanced)

This exercises the chest, shoulders and arms. While lying in the prone position, place hands directly next to the shoulders palm down. Keeping as straight as possible, extend arms so body is supported only by the hands and toes. Slowly lower body by bending arms until chest just touches the floor. Extend arms returning to the upright position. Do 10-35.

Shoulder Raise (Shoulder, Upper back)

Standing in an erect position with feet apart, raise arms directly up from sides as far as allowed by flexibility. Lower slowly. Weighted objects in each hand will increase the benefit. (Towels, books, shoes, loaded hangers). Do 10-30.

Seated Dips (Shoulders, arms)

Place hands on the edge of the bed or chair, palms down and about shoulder width apart. Extend legs out in front and lower your body by bending arms as far as flexibility will allow, then return to the starting position by extending arms. Do 5-30.

Towel Pull (Upper Back)

Roll a towel and place one or both feet in the middle. Pull hands tight to the chest at the same time resisting with the foot and leg. Reverse the procedure , extending the leg and resisting with the hands and arms.

Sit-ups (Beginners) Abdomen

Lay on back with knees bent and hands on abdomen. Tuck chin, curl upper body, lifting shoulders off the floor. Return slowly to starting position.

Sit-ups (Advanced)

Lay on back with feet in chair. Place hands on top of head, draw elbows between knees and sit up. Slowly return to start. Increase difficulty by placing body close to chair and twisting at the top of the sit-up.

Back Tightener (Low back and buttocks)

Lay face down and spread eagle. Try to raise arms , legs and chest as much as possible off the floor. Count to six slowly and return to the starting position carefully. Rest for a count of six, and repeat up to six times.

Lower Body (Hip, Buttocks, Thighs, Calves)

Stand erect with hands on back of head and feet apart. Stride forward until other knee just touches the floor and push back up immediately. Alternate right and left leg. Do 5-15 on each leg.

Cool Down 2-3 minutes
This should be similar to the warm up, but done at an easy pace.


Ernest S. Campbell, M.D., FACS

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