Kidney Problems

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Bladder, Prostate and Urinary Tract Surgery

Bladder Bladder drainage systems (catheters) have bulbs or balloons that require inflating in order to secure them in place. A diver with one of these should ensure that the bulb does not contain air but it should be inflated with water or saline. Frequency of urination, as is often seen in men with prostate enlargement […]

Renal Stones and Kidney Infections

A diver with renal stones or infection poses a problem as to the differential diagnosis of renal colic and pain from infection and the symptoms of decompression sickness. Stones and stents for drainage of urine are not affected by depth/pressure and should not in themselves be a reason not to dive. However, medications taken to […]

Polycystic Kidney Disease

In this condition there are innumerable fluid-filled cysts in the kidneys. Early on this offers little or no risk due to diving since there is no abrogation of Boyle’s law. However, the condition would be dangerous from other aspects due to the possibility of anemia, azotemia and infection. The cysts of this disease are fluid […]

Kidney Transplant and Diving

Transplant patients would be at little risk of sport diving given good recovery from the surgery and no evidence of organ rejection. However, there are risks for diving in the marine environment while taking immunosuppressants (see Marine Infections and Diving in Polluted Water). In addition to increased risk of infection by organisms not ordinarily pathogens, […]

Kidney Problems and Diving

Diving and the physical changes that take place with the underwater environment have little to relate to the urological system. There is very little in the way of articles and reports concerning the urological system and sport diving. However, there are some factors that must be taken into consideration by the diver and his doctor […]
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