Flying & Altitude

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Detection of endogenous gas phase formation in humans at altitude

by Dr. Jolie Bookspan, PhDBookspan, J. Detection of endogenous gas phase formation in humans at altitude. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise Suppl. Vol. 35, Num 5, May 2003 # 901, p S164. ABSTRACT That endogenous gas bubbles form after decompression from saturation at depth appears to be well founded. Data from preliminary work […]

Llying after Diving

The question is often asked “Why do I have to wait to fly after diving”? The answer to the question is simply “pressure”. Consider the surface as the baseline and at this level we all have one atmosphere of weight on us (without us even noticing it!). For every 33 feet of sea water (10 […]

Air Travel, Oxygen and the Diver

There is a recurring question that arises concerning the use of oxygen in divers returning by air after having had treatment for a decompression accident. Dr. David DuBois has written asking about the appropriate management of the returning diver continuing to need oxygen after maximum recompression treatment but with residual symptoms. He asks, “Is there […]
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