The Rarest Barotrauma

by Laurence A Stein, DDSA Miami Dentist describes an unusual case of tooth squeezeAlert Diver September/October 1993(Reprinted with permission of the author and DAN.)"Barotrauma --- or, more commonly, squeeze ---…

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Dental Distress

The 'Diving Dentist' Addresses the Problem of a Diving-Related Toothacheby Laurence Stein, DDSReprinted from Alert Diver, January-February 2000, pp 45-49.With permission from DAN and Laurance Stein, DDS(Edited)Although not a common…

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Dentistry and Diving

BarodontalgiaBecause of Boyle's Law, (as pressure increases, volume decreases and vice versa), diving with air-filled spaces in teeth cause problems because spaces inside teeth cannot decrease in size and increase…

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