Disease Transmission

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AIDS/HIV Advice to the Diver

Benefits of Diving Studies have shown that sports participation benefit the HIV/AIDS person both mentally and physically. (See References below). Benefits actually include a delay in the progression of HIV morbidity among participants in the sports group. There can be improvement in cardiac capacity among participants; and a positive correlation between physical training and psychological […]

AIDS and Diving

INTRODUCTION The underwater environment causes a diver to be at a tremendous disadvantage due to: –the difficulty in propulsion through the surrounding water; –through rapid heat loss to water generally colder than body temperature; –breathing gas of compressed density; –the diver uses an altered cardiorespiratory system from a changed environment; –in order to prevent damage […]

Disease Transmission from Scuba Gear

Transmission of disease via scuba gear probably does not happen often — but the thought arises in the minds of those who fear using rental scuba gear or buddy breathing. There are many transmissable diseases that have the capability of being passed on to another through the use of unclean equipment. These conditions are caused […]
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