Scubadoc’s Ten Foot Stop

April 08, 2019

SCUBADOC's Blog is reactivated

Filed under: Publication — Pawel Filipek, PhD.

This Blog was founded by Ernest S. Campbell, MD in 2004.

In the years 2004 to 2011, Dr. Campbell shared his extensive knowledge of diving medicine with readers. Dr. Campbell and many other authorities in the field of diving medicine, they held discussions, commented on the latest research, shared advice and answered questions. For many years website was the main source of diving medicine information. Many organizations point the website as reference. You can find here posts published by scientists from DAN and Diving Medicine Associations from different countries. There are early dissertations before officialy published, drafts, chapters and discussions. Knowledge and experience sharing is the main attitude. Now this knowledge has been recreated. Scubadoc's Blog is an archive that is not being developed at this time. However, it is a knowledge base for those interested.

This extensive work done by Dr. Campbell can't be forgotten.

Reactivated and Maintained by Centrum Nurkowe Aquanaut Diving