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Comprehensive information about diving and undersea medicine for the non-medical diver, the non-diving physician and the specialist. Online Questions, answers and comment.
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Regional Diving Medical Consultants

Jolie Bookspan, M.Ed., Ph.D.
Frank K. Butler, Jr. M.D. 

Ernest S. Campbell, M.D., FACS
Dr. Campbell's web site.

Allen Dekelboum, MD (San Francisco)

Glen Egstrom, Ph.D. (US, Los Angeles)

David H. Elliott, O.B.E. (UK)

Ed Golembe, MD   Brooklyn

Edmond Kay MD, FAAFP  (Seattle, WA)
Dr. Kay's web site

Pasquale Longobardi MD (Italy)

Nick McIver, M.D. (UK)

William D. McNicoll, (UK)

Bruce Miller, MD (US)

Martin Quigley, MD (US, Tampa, FL)

Maurizio Schiavon (Italy)
Dr. Schiavon's web site

Larry Stein, DDS (Miami, FL)

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